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With this current body of work, it is my intention that each completed piece operates like abstract comics or hand-style, graffiti tags. I want the viewer to receive them in their entirety at a glance and yet feel compelled to stay with them a little longer. The impetus for the process behind this work stems from a desire to remove any barriers between drawing, painting, digital mark-making or photography. It is a longing for freedom. I’m using varied tools and mediums to best assist me in honoring the natural, impulsive desire to bring daily ideas to term. I am trading in a discourse based upon an intention to overcome perceived, personal shortcomings by modulating between a language I have created and the myriad parameters established across the genres and forms I am engaging. These paintings are a snapshot into my unconscious decision-making at any given moment and it is my hope that they lead to discovery for myself and for the viewer.

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